Dear customers! Under no circumstances should our logos be used for counterfeiting, but only for repairing or embellishing your vintage branded clothing.


Do you sell custom T-shirts?

No! This is DIY here. sells textile transfers and stickers of its own design and manufacture, but it is up to you to apply them. We do not sell clothes that have already been customized.

You can also order a personalized sticker from us. Click here to customize a sticker.


Why choose

The difference of from other sites that offer customization of clothes is that here you customize YOUR OWN clothes, shoes and accessories. We do not sell T-shirts or caps, but only textile transfers. It is up to you to apply them. This is a great advantage: you are sure to put on a garment that fits your size and is of good quality! You can also give new life to your old clothes or relook your branded clothes.

How to apply an iron-on transfer?

It's easy, fast and... fun! Only one condition is to have an iron. Unlike the hot press used to customize t-shirts, with an iron you can customize shoes, jeans, caps, bags, suitcases as well as everyday objects, such as cushions, mouse pads or canvas chair backs.

How is it used?

Use a hard surface to apply your iron-on transfer.

First of all, peel off the thin film on which the logo is stuck. Then iron the garment a bit to warm the material.

1/ Position your transfer face down towards you.

2/ Put a sheet of parchment paper (baking paper) or a very thin cotton towel on top.

3/ Set your iron on the "cotton" program (WITHOUT STEAM!) and press the transfer for 10-15 seconds. You can make slight circular movements. If your transfer is larger than the iron or it must be applied on a curved surface, change the position to heat evenly.

4/ Allow to cool before gently removing the plastic film. If you notice that the transfer is not glued, repeat by pressing again.

5/ Once the plastic film is removed, heat again for about 10 seconds (don't forget to protect it with baking paper or a cotton towel!).

You can wash your customized garment inside out, preferably not before 24 hours.


"Turbo" special nylon vynil.

The finish is the exact same: soft, matte, and full of stretch! The differences? Turbo is a fast press Heat Transfer Vinyl making it easy to use on materials that are easily burnable such as nylon and spandex. Turbo is also a low heat and low pressure HTV. Set your iron to 150 degrees (302°F) or lower and iron for only 5-6 seconds to avoid damaging the nylon, using medium pressure.


 Can we have a multicolored image?

Yes, for multicolored transfers you will receive two (or more) vinyl cuts of different colors. The technique is simple. They will have to be applied one after the other. We start with the one with the most volume and we superimpose the others. With some vinyl you can put one flex on top of another.


On which surface can I apply the iron-on flex?

Cotton, polyester and even leather... But be careful not to overheat your iron so as not to damage your leather! A flex sample will be sent to you with your package for a test drive. The fabric currently used in sneakers is perfectly compatible with the flocking technique. Cotton is the best carrier because it is resistant to high temperatures and is easily penetrated by the liner (the glue used in iron-on flex). So it's the T-shirts and jeans that are very easy to customize. The special nylon flex can be applied to fabrics such as nylon or polyester.

You can customize your interior objects, pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains, mouse pads, fabric chair backs etc., etc.


Is the quality good?

We use high quality vinyl flex for our transfers. In most cases the quality will be the same as the products of the big brands and much better than cheap products. In addition there are a large number of effect flexes, glitter, mirror, 3D, patterns (camouflage, carbon, leopard etc). You could wash your custom item several times without damaging the transfer. The list of different materials used for our transfers can be found at the bottom of this page.


What if my transfer is not successful?

Don't worry about it! We'll send you another one in exchange. The only condition is to send us a photo that proves that the transfer has been applied but failed.


Is the iron-on transfer final?

The iron-on transfer (or flocking) is final in the sense that it resists multiple washings and ironing. However, it is possible to remove the flocking.


To remove an iron-on transfer, follow these steps.

Heat your iron according to the fabric on which you want to remove the iron. Then heat the transfer to soften the glue. You must turn your garment over so that your transfer to be removed is underneath, against the table. Put a cotton towel on top because the liner that has entered the fabric must be heated thoroughly and it may turn yellow. Apply the iron to the cloth for a few seconds and start peeling off the iron gradually. Cut off the detached parts as you go along. To remove any glue residue, turn the garment over, apply an absorbent paper or towel to the glue and heat with the iron. Allow to cool for a few seconds and lift the paper. The glue must have adhered. Repeat this operation several times, changing the paper so that you do not stick back what you have just removed.


However, the easiest way to remove a heat-sealed logo is still acetone. Here's how to remove an iron-on using a solvent.


Do you ship to Canada?

We ship worldwide. See the delivery and return page here.


The list of different flexes used:


Very fine polyurethane material, matt finish and with excellent covering properties. This flexible, elastic and versatile PU film, with an adhesive polyester backing, is very easy to peel. This flex has an adhesive liner, it can be applied on all types of substrates, cotton, polyester, acrylic...; and has a wide range of colours.


Flex Velour

Flex Velours or "flock" is a soft cutting material with a velvety feel.

It has an adhesive liner and optimal coverage due to the fibres, which are very thick and compact.

Its appearance and velvety touch will bring real added value to all your clothes.


Flex 3D

Flex Silicone 3D-500. Gives a 3D effect to your transfers. This 3D-500 Silicone Flex is a media with a matte, soft-touch surface that will enhance your customizations.

Recommended fabrics: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly / Cotton blends


Flex with glitter effect

Glitter material that gives impressive and modern shiny effects.

Flex polyurethane with flakes, for hot transfer on cotton, polyester and similar fibres. Very fine and supple. Super elastic, adhesive backing


Nylon Flex

Nyl'Flex is a polyurethane flex suitable for flocking on nylon only.

Soft to the touch, very thin, and elastic, this flex will fit all your creations.

This flex also has a matt appearance and good opacity.

A quality product, this flex is also flexible and very comfortable to wear!


Be careful, some coated nylons are not suitable for flocking, remember to check this parameter carefully!


Fluorescent Flex

Phospho'Flex has the particularity of shining in the dark after exposure to light. The film stores the light to release it in the night or darkness. It is also very thin and elastic, without excess thickness and with an extremely soft feel. It can be hot-transferred to all types of textiles: cotton, polyester, acrylic, multi-materials.